About Us


Waenga Solutions LLP  is associated with Aruna Green Ventures and Scalene Energy Water Corporation Ltd. We are a dedicated and innovative solution provider in the technological domains of Organic Waste ConvertersSolid waste management & Energy from waste in the form of gas, Solar power energy and Waste Water Treatment & Recovery. We are using a Unique and Patented Technology for a clean renewable energy setup.

Waenga solutions provides an array of solutions related to water, energy and materials – with a focus on waste recovery – to promote the transition toward a circular economy. We designs and delivers services that are vital to human development and sustainable performance through three complementary business activities: Waste managementEnergy services and Water management. The company provides innovative, sustainable solutions to improve everyday lives and protect future resources. We provide complete audit-to-operation-approach solutions for Waste Water Management and Energy production which includes Feasibility study, Sizing, Design, Supply of equipment, Installation/Erection, Testing, Training, Operation and Maintenance, thereby proactively reducing the Carbon Footprint while harnessing the immense potential of abundantly available bio resources in an eco-friendly and in an economical method.