Automatic Organic Waste Converters

Organic Waste Converters are India’s First Automatic and Most Compact Machines.With more than 150 installations PAN India & our machine is making a difference to the way Organic Waste is handled.

Drop Dead Features 

  •  Fully Automatic
  •  Takes all types of food (Ex: Rasam etc..  )
  •  Output takes about 24-72 hrs
  •  Low Noise
  •  Nil Labour/ process handling
  •  80-90% volume reduction
  •  Remove output once in every 2-3 days
  •  Very low OPEX
  •  Low Floor space/ Compact
  •  No Pathogens, safe for human handling
  •  No foul smell, no rats/ insects/flies
  •  Very good aesthetics
  •  Continuous Process
  •  Stainless Steel tank , Life of 20+ yrs;
  •  Commercials : Ownership / Hire purchase models.

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DO’s & DONT’s

  • DONT add hard/sharp materials like coconut shells, large animal bones, metal and stones, or sharp tools. They will damage the plates and the tank.
  • Do clear your compost, once it reaches the red level. Excess compost might enter the motor assembly and spoil the motor.
  • Do maintain the optimum quantity of wet waste recommended for your machine. Larger than the recommended quantity will overload the machine and result in damage of the heater and compromise on the quality of compost.
  • DO place a buffer of 3-6 days on producing an output out of pure garden waste since they are drier than typical food waste.


  • Output from the machine should be mixed with soil in the ratio of 1:10, before using as a Soil Conditioner. Additional nutrients may need to be reinforced if used for food farming.
  • Dry garden waste should be moistened to facilitate the output. Care should be taken to only moisten the waste and not make it dripping wet.
  • Garden waste should be shredded additionally for better results. Large stems, banks, etc must be shredded before being fed into the composter. Can be supplied at an addidtional cost based on the capacity and model.