“The consistent use of waste means enormous savings for us”

Biogas is one of the key renewable energy sources, produced by the anaerobic degradation (or fermentation) of biodegradable materials such as food waste, garden waste, energy crop waste, cow dung, chicken shit, industrial wastes, sewage sludge, and municipal waste.


  • Nil greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low emissions to environment from the waste treatment
  • High quality fertilizers 

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   Greeneria Bio

  • Greeneria Bio offers a ‘Zero garbage, Zero effluent’ method for waste disposal.
  • Greeneria Bio is an above the ground State of the art Biogas plant made of steel with epoxy coating.
  • The “Greeneria-Bio” technology offers a comprehensive solution for handling the bio-degradable waste material. It is based on the concept of maintaining elemental balance in the Nature.


Greeneria Bio-Gas is utilized for various purposes such as :


  • LPG equivalent Cooking gas
  • Electricity production (Waste to energy)
  • Water heating for steam boilers



 Advantages of Greeneria Bio:

  • Flexible design
  • Uncomplicated installation and quick start-up
  • Modular system : very flexible in terms of set-up and digestate use
  • Interfaces perfectly matched one to the other
  • High-quality components and parts, low maintenance operation
  • Stand-alone operation possible
  • Has potential to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Can be integrated into existing infrastructure
  • Can be expanded if necessary
  • Reduced energy costs and emissions
  • Top efficiency through innovative technologies
  • Climate friendly electricity and Heat generation