• Powering Life by Enriching Energy

    Spiral Protium Accelerating Reactor Super Enrichment (SPARSE) can work with fuels like refined digester gas (bio – gas), piped natural gas or even conventional fuels like petrol and diesel. In the renewable energy sector, SPARSE technology finds its application in power plants that feed on biomaterials like water hyacinth, parthenium, and other nuisance weeds. Scalene has set up a 1 MW weed (water hyacinth) fed power plant named “Project Mitochondria” at its S – CARD campuss.
    Waenga Solutions LLP is a provider of innovative technology solutions to address growing energy needs.

    The aim is to provide efficient energy solutions that are reliable, scalable, and most cost effective. Our Technology is an emerging leader in the field of fuel enriched renewable energy technologies. Waenga Solutions provides total turnkey solutions for power production including feasibility studies, sizing, design, supply of equipment, installation / erection, testing, training, operation and maintenance, proactively reducing the carbon footprint while harnessing the immense potential of abundantly available bio resources in an eco-friendly and economical method.

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