Waste Management and Energy from waste

SERI** Organic Fuel Technology, a proprietary technology, is the first of its kind in the world that uses the MIB Reactors with stabilized incubation system and laboratory cultured feed specific microorganisms and related biotechnology and fast breeder media, which has been the result of over 11 years of research and development at **Scalene Energy Research Institute (SERI).

It has been designed to process any Organic feed stock including FOOD WASTE, NON CONSUMABLE PART OF FRUITS, VEGETABLES and other AGRICULTURAL WASTE, MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE, OIL EFFLUENTS, PARTS OF ANIMALS, POULTRY AND FISH that we cannot eat, EXCRETA OF HUMAN and ANIMAL that add to green house gases year by year, SPENT WASH, SPENT GRAIN that is Unwanted nuisance for the Distilleries and Breweries, weeds such as WATER HYACINTH, WATER LETTUCE PARTHENIUM, etc that clog our water bodies or cause allergies, rot when they die using tons of harmful substances into the environment.

This process aids in production of HIGH PURITY COMBUSTIBLE GAS in quantities exceeding 30-60% more than currently used techniques. All conventional bio-gas technologies happen by accident, but SERIGAS* technology happens by Design. The design of the system is fully modular with scope for expansion and the plant can be built with small footprint.

The cost of such a plant is substantially lower and affordable.

Out comes are encouraging and give you a sense of saving our Home and the Planet

This gas has similar properties as that of Natural Gas with out the undesirable Impurities like butane, propane, pentane, etc.

This gas has many applications, rather all applications our fossil based natural gas or LPG can be used for and many more.

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