Water Treatment & Recovery

This latest and unique technology offers substantial benefits over a conventional technology in terms of effectiveness both in terms of cost and cleaning effectiveness

The solution is based on among the most advanced technologies in the world which uses fundamental principles of Physics that works at the molecular level, hence it is able to segregate the contamination from water whether SEWAGE, INDUSTRIAL, NITRATES or HEAVY METAL with equal ease.

No chemicals are required for this process and use short wave frequency, which is safe and free from further contamination of the environment.

All Bacteria, Virus and other Pathogens are completely removed from the water making it fit and safe for consumption by Plants, Animals and Humans alike.

The solution can be designed and implemented both for discharge or potable water norms.

The process usually takes 60 minutes or lesser for cleansing the water to International Standards making it highly efficient for handling large volumes in a short time.

The technology is designed using chambers and is highly modular and scalable.

The sludge obtained is not in the form of compound but basic metals and minerals hence it is very easy to recover or safely put in landfills. It produces sludge with higher concentrations resulting in lowaer sludge disposal cost.

It can be fitted in very small space and has compact space requirement.

It is extremely effective in removal of COLOR, TOC, NOM and DBP precursors and works over a wide pH range.

It has lover cost of CAPEX and OPEX compared to conventional methods of water treatment and recovery.

It agglomerates particles as small as 0.01μm in water to 10μm to 1.5mm and filtered through conventional aids.

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